“We have been very pleased with Chip and Steve at Regional Homes. We had a fantastic experience and the workmanship on the home has been wonderful. Our budget was very reasonable, and the project ran on time, even during the 2 blizzards we had last winter. Steve constantly kept in touch with us and was eager to answer any and all questions we had at the time. He always got back to us in a timely manner, never left us waiting or wondering what was going to happen next.

Both Chip and Steve are definitely team players and they work very well with each other. We built a very nice bond with them during the entire process, as well as with JoAnn. As far as outside people, we did not have any. It was strictly Regional Homes and their contractors, which was fine with us. We were not interested in anyone else coming on board. We were very pleased with Chip and Steve.

We would absolutely use Regional Homes again and have recommended them to any friends that may build in the future. The project went very smoothly and Steve goes over the home with a fine tooth comb before settlement with the buyers.

We do hope that this information has been helpful to you and we wish you the best of luck in your decisions. Regional Homes is definitely the way to go. Fantastic customer service, and they are always hands-on for anything you may need.”

—Kimberly & Paul

“My husband and I started looking to purchase a home in early 2016. After looking at several homes we stumbled across the new homes being built by Regional Homes in the Reisterstown area around February/March. They say first impressions are lasting impressions. Well, this was certainly an understatement after our first encounter with Dave and Chip. From day 1, they were so friendly and made us feel so welcome. After walking through the model and chatting with Dave the first day, we decided that that was where we wanted our new home to be.

Between the A-1 quality of the home, the great hospitality, and the neighborhood, our sights were set. From April to November, while waiting on the completion of our new home, Chip and Dave were nothing short of GREAT!

They really eased the entire home buying process by always being available for whatever questions and/or concerns we had, no matter how many.”

—The McCoys

“We were looking at homes and happened across Regional Homes during our search. We were extremely impressed by the model home and decided to move forward with them. As we stepped through the process, we worked closely with the entire Regional Homes team. From the first time we walked through the door, signing the contracts, and selecting options, Dave was our main point of contact. He was attentive, knowledgeable, and personable. He fielded all of our questions quickly and professionally without the pushy sales tactics you tend to get from larger builders.

Once construction began, Steve was obviously very experienced and detail-oriented. He took the time to walk us through the process from the ground up. Being a first time homebuyer and building a house can be pretty intimidating, but he assuaged all concerns and gave honest opinions and recommendations on some decisions we needed to make during construction. Even after closing we’d still reach out to him with occasional questions and received a response or visit in a timely manner.

Chip, the President of Regional Homes, has truly built a solid and respectable company. We first met Chip working hard on a Sunday, which goes to show he’s involved in all aspects of his business. The closing process was impressively smooth and the home is beautiful. We’ve been living there approximately 3 months at this point and couldn’t be happier!”

—Rob & Amy

“I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my home. Everything was very detailed. A big thank you to Chip, Steve, and John. I am very happy with my home.”

— Oluwafunminiyi OMishore

“Regional Homes of Maryland built us a beautiful home that we moved into in December 2018. We couldn’t have been happier with the end result. Chip and Dave walked us through every step of the home building and customization process. Steve was very easy to communicate with, and was great at clarifying all of our construction concerns. The entire process went smoothly, and we are thrilled with our new house.”

—Alexander Halstead

“Regional Homes built our custom home almost 3 years ago. The entire process was wonderful, and the knowledge and experience Steve and Chip gave, including ideas, were invaluable. We love our new home and have had no problems whatsoever. In fact, this is our second home built by Regional. We were on our other house for over twenty years. The quality of construction is impeccable! I cannot say enough to recommend them to build your home!”

—Carmen Schwartz

“Dave, Chip, and Steve were a pleasure to work with through the entire home buying process and continue to be great as my husband and I have reached out to them with questions since purchasing the home. Overall, we are very pleased with our experience, the quality of our new home and the professionalism that the Regional Homes staff exhibits. Highly recommended!”

—Keiana Clarke

“Regional Homes of Maryland built my home a couple of years ago and we have been so pleased with our home. Even though our home was built some years ago, Steve from Regional Homes has always made himself available to answer any questions or concerns about our home. The level of customer service we have received from Steve and Regional Homes has been outstanding.”

—Eric Lee

“It’s hard to believe that a little over a year ago we began the process of building our dream home! In looking back, we count our blessings every day that we went with Regional Homes (RH) for our custom-built home. Once upon a time…

We were meeting with Chip and having conversations about our blueprints, house placement, heating systems, insulation, foundations, windows, electrical, flooring, & cabinetry. There were many decisions to be made, but with each decision Regional’s patience and expertise in home building allowed us to pick well. We learned so much from Regional Homes, and found our visits to the “options room” at the model and to the kitchen and flooring places enjoyable.

We remember how genuine, patient and enthusiastic JoAnn had been with helping us narrow down our decisions about esthetics and upgrades. We had many questions, and every time, she always got back to us, as promised. We would look forward to visiting the model, knowing we would be greeted with good cheer, hospitality, and professionals who were genuine design partners interested in helping us “get it right.”

We really were impressed with Regional Homes well before any ground breaking. Although not really a regular builder’s concern, we faced potential conflicts about boundary lines with neighbors, who we had not yet met. Chip coordinated a neighbor’s meeting with the survey team. All concerns were out on the table, and any differences were dealt with quickly, saving us potential neighbor feuds down the road. Not long after, we shared costs of fencing and landscaping, and eventually getting invited to neighborhood events.

After breaking ground, we couldn’t believe how fast things went, and enjoyed watching our dream home become a reality, with every stage of the way. Inspections at each stage moved quickly. Regional Homes was aware in advance, of the new County stairway building codes, which lead to necessary changes. Even with the new designs, the construction schedule stayed on track. Once finished, Chip’s new staircase re-design was far better than imagined.

Although quality is an overused term, Regional Homes was a great advocate for quality workmanship. With the construction of our retaining wall, we noticed a slight leaning, and without saying anything, Chip had the sub-contractor fix it until they got it right. The recurrent insistence of quality throughout the building process was evident, but with this situation, we felt a “peace of mind” that we would not deal with problems down the road.

After several months in our new home, hanging curtains, decorating, enjoying our new home, we were impressed to hear from Steve who wanted to coordinate the follow-up on outstanding issues. Our first thought was that there wasn’t much to report. We had a few minor follow up items, and as expected, everything was handled by John with ease, thoroughness, and care. In our decorating projects we had a few misplaced nail holes needing some filling. John even showed us the “right way” to patch them!

We will always appreciate all of your efforts, and continue to enjoy the fruits of your labors on a daily basis. We wish you all the happiness in life, and continuing success as Regional Homes.”

—Donna & Jon

Sarah Kilian

“Steve from Regional Homes gave us our dream home. We had a ‘total loss’ house fire and didn’t know where to begin. I called Steve and (while on vacation) he spoke to me for almost an hour. We interviewed 4 companies and will never regret choosing Regional Homes.

Not only did they navigate Covid, and an unprecedented price changes in materials, but they helped me deal with mounds of paperwork from the insurance company. We felt prices were fair, communication was great, and quality was impeccable. We always felt heard, and never felt uncomfortable addressing any questions or concerns.

Steve will only accept the best, and expects it from all of his contracted companies. I have heard nightmare stories from multiple friends regarding the building process. While I admit it is overwhelming, there was nothing but a dream built with our new home! We highly recommend Steve, Chip, and Regional Homes!”

—Sarah Kilian

“In August we moved into one of Regional Homes’ new homes, and we were blown away by the end product. They were on time, responsive, and very helpful throughout the whole process.

We brought in a third-party inspector, and he kept telling us that the level of detail that Regional Homes of Maryland took is not common in the industry. They really thought through the layout and how we would function within the home. We’ve had zero issues after we moved in. During our walk-through they were patient and open to any requests we made. They’ve really made the whole process stress-free and we’re thrilled with our new home.”

—Megan McCormack

“Steve of Regional Homes of Maryland has been a God-send. We had a very poor experience with a previous builder, and Steve and his team have exceeded all of our expectations. They listened to our concerns and designed a beautiful custom dream house for our family. He is extremely detailed, personable, responsive, and honest. Building a house can be stressful but they have absolutely made it a dream come true.

As a minority business owner myself, I am very sensitive to customer service and fair treatment. Steve and his team have treated us extremely well and have truly looked out for us. I would highly recommend them to build your home.”

—Dr. Dede Orraca-Tetteh

“We’ve had our house done by Regional Homes of Maryland a few years ago. We were first time home buyers then and needed a lot of assistance with a lot of things relating to home buying. To say it was not a stressful process would be a lie, however Regional Homes of Maryland definitely did not make it any harder for us. They were very helpful and guided us in every step of the way.

A few years later (way after our house expired) we needed assistance with fixing our roofing and ceiling after a big storm, and Regional Homes of Maryland came to our aide again. They had help fix the problem at no cost. They were very fast too and had it done before another rain forecast happened.”

—Hayyan Mabanag

“I can’t say enough great things about this company. Chip and Steve walked me through every aspect of building my home, as if it were their own. They truly listened to my vision and needs, and made it happen. I also appreciate their fairness in pricing, and the work they did to try to contain costs. They thoughtfully consulted me with any unanticipated changes. Very highly recommend Regional Homes!”

—Caroline Queale

We would be happy for you to talk with past clients who can give you an unbiased opinion. Please reach out to us with your inquiries.