Our Mission: Christian Counseling and Mental Health Services

Our mission is to provide Christ-centered counseling services to individuals, families, and communities. We recognize that because of the human condition, every one of us will experience hurt and brokenness at some point in our lives. Our goal is to provide hope and healing on your journey toward wholeness, interpersonal peace, emotional strength, and spiritual maturity. 

Treatment Philosophy

We believe that integrating evidenced-based treatment practices with the unconditional love of Jesus is the cornerstone of true healing. As such, we aspire to provide clinically sound counseling in a way that demonstrates the love, compassion, and humility of Jesus.

For in-person counseling, we offer a warm, home-like environment in Bel Air, Harford County, Maryland

About Our Counselors

Our counselors are compassionate and highly skilled license psychotherapists who are committed to providing exceptional counseling care.

About Our Founders

Our founders understand the unique experience of mental health challenges and how it impacts your life. With our own personal journeys through mental health challenges, we know that having someone you trust walk with you through those times is essential for healing. Our desire is to bring compassion, kindness, and hope to each person, because we know healing is possible. We know it’s possible to not only recover, but thrive, and use your lived experience to help others. That’s why we founded HopeWay.

Wayne Tapscott


Wayne Tapscott has been involved in the business community for more than 45 years, having operated a General Motors dealership with his brother and a commercial cleaning and paper supply business with his son. He is currently partnered with his brother in real estate development/management and is a director at a community bank. He has also served on several church teams and non-profit boards over the last few decades, including helping to start a school for children who learn differently. He also just recently retired from the board of an orphanage in Africa.

Wayne enjoys investing in people, whether it be staff, client, or acquaintance. He likes to build relationships and foster a spirit of trust, respect, compassion, and family. He has also been the recipient of similar investment from others. One of those most powerful experiences was in 2012 when the culmination of several challenging events led him into a dark cloud of depression. It was the Christ-like love and total investment of friends, family, and professionals coming together to support him and his family that fostered his return to hope and healing. As a partner in HopeWay, Wayne hopes to blend his business experience with his personal experiences to help build a team that shares the way of hope for a life well lived, that Christ intends for us all.

Wayne’s most valued partnership is that with his wife of 43 years, Sally. Sally is not just an embodiment of encouragement and support to Wayne alone, but also to anyone she comes in contact with. Wayne would say that the home Sally creates is one of warmth, welcome, and hospitality.

Pamela Llewellyn

Pamela Llewellyn, LCSW-C, MBA

Clinical Social Work/Therapist

Pam approaches treatment from a worldview that believes individuals are unique and gifted, created with meaning and purpose, and made to have a relationship with God and others. Because of brokenness in ourselves and in the world, we experience conflict and struggle, often severe enough to impact our ability to function each day and find joy in living. When we are able to understand our experiences in context of what is true, healing begins.

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